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Is "ageplay" between 2 adults illegal if one chatter turns out to be a undercover officer?

Chat was through email and tried to act as 16 yo minor.

In this interview, we ask her about ageplay, her job as manager at Jailbait, what she considers the psychologically healing aspect of sexual ageplay, and what she sees as the troubling aspects of ageplay and society’s reaction to it.

Urizenus Sklar: Emily, what is Jailbait, and what is your job as Manager here?

Have given to lawyer and filed motion to compel discovery.

State prosecutor and officer have both seen new evidence.

State prosecutor does not care and isn't dropping charges.(to cover for the police department I know) Officer said he had nothing to do with the other emails and denys it (of course so he doesn't get charged with prudery).

Urizenus Sklar: Some ageplay is sexually oriented and some is not. Why do you think people like to roleplay as children?"i need to fix it." During the day, Chris could leave his phone at home. Dean is one of the Sea God's omega wives, and he is there to take Castiel under his wing as he begins his training to serve as one of the Sea God's omega brides. But at night, he can count on texts from the sheriff's son or Peter Hale. The night before his arranged marriage to the Alpha Lord Zachariah, Omega Castiel sits at the foot of his bed praying to the Sea God for a miracle.Over the next few weeks Cas and Dean form a close bond as he teaches the new bride about the pleasures of expanding his mind, soul, and body.This fic is a challenge to me to write gratuitous Destiel smut. ""I have yet to break one."Patrick's been living a nightmare.

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Emily Semaphore: Well, Jailbait is a roleplay club for adult ageplayers.

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