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Cat girl dating sim

The comic won a number of awards and proved very popular.

Note: Japanese words that are used in general (e.g.

These characteristics are also sometimes used on male characters as well.

The tendency of a character to pretend to be a made-up character from fantasy such as a vampire, demon, angel, wizard, alien, warrior or person with special bloodline, often imagining themselves to possess magical powers, super powers or cursed items.

Taokaka is a rather unique take on the catgirl archetype with brown skin and long blond hair tied up into two braids and a black cat tail with a faded white tip.

She seems to spend her entire time wearing a beige-colored hoodie with a cat hood and long cat-themed sleeves that cover her arms.

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When a link from Penny Arcade sent some viewers their way, they decided to continue on, and relaunched the site in August with a three per week update schedule.