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Posted by / 02-Dec-2017 00:26

They claim they will give you a private peep show for free but you have to go to a certain web site and enter your credit card info.Anyone who does this is clearly going to have some sort of credit card fraud happen so I would advise to stay far away from this.

You must be 18 or over to create a Game Crush account -- it's being touted as the first social site for adult gamers.

Tell me, what is it about the PS3 that makes it so ..dominant?

Sure, you've got all the FPS's (which I love as much as the next RPG), but I'm sure there are many games that girls could get into..Final Fantasy.

: S I've been trying to find other girls to play some online with but I've never found any.

I've never heard a girl on voice chat, and have never seen a girl playing an FPS or even talk about the PS3!

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This needs to get approved so the message to stay away from this scam gets out to gamers I got message too.