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Consolidating powerpoint slides

By putting everything you’ve thought of in one space, you can see your ideas and points side-by-side and more efficiently eliminate ones that don’t contribute to your overall message.

By tightening the screws and oiling the gears, you will have a more cohesive presentation that works well both in presenting (on your end) and receiving (on the audience’s end).

All of the VBA I have tried so far is not working for me so please put comments if you can provide a VBA sample for amateurs like me! As advised by one of the masters here, here is the code I used and replaced the str FPath with the folder I included all the pptx files that I wanted to be inserted into the MASTER presentation pptx file and replaced the str Spec with one of the files from the folder I placed the other files so that it gets inserted but no luck of it working.

Power Point presentations are much like college essays.

They present cited, relevant information that is meant to educate and inform. Do you remember what your teachers used to advise you to do when they assigned an essay writing assignment?

The answer is fairly simple: outlining focuses your presentation.

It acts as a sort of pre-first draft, giving you leeway to throw ideas on the table and figure out which ones work best for your presentation.

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TXT" ' backslash terminated path to filder containing list file: s List File Path = "c:\support\batchinsert\" ' Do we have a file open already? PPT") While Not s Buf = "" Print #i List File Num, s Buf s Buf = Dir$ Wend Close #i List File Num End If i List File Num = Free File() Open s List File Path & s List File Name For Input As i List File Num ' Process the list While Not EOF(i List File Num) ' Get a line from the list file Line Input #i List File Num, s Buf ' Verify that the file named on the line exists If Dir$(s Buf) "" Then Call Active Presentation.

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