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Fast one to one chat

Skygear Chat's architecture is designed to make horizontal scaling as simple as it should be.If you are using our cloud services, simply choose the plan that best accommodate your needs. // Send message with photos let message = SKYMessage() = "Hello! " message.metadata = metadate Dic message.attachment = chosen Photo SKYContainer.default()Extension?If you wish to use it as a Live Chat system, then checkout our IMaqma integration !The awesome chat dashboard gives the site admin a great insight into how people are using the chat feature on the site.Below are some of the dashboards that are available - Chat activity per day - Group vs One to one chats - Text chats Vs File Sending messages Site Admins can choose which Joomla Access levels will have access to the chat features.Do you want to restrict the chat feature to Paying members? Just integrate a subscriptions system like Pay plans or Akeeba Subs to add users to a Joomla user group on Payment and you are done!

Its interface is more confusing, its user base is smaller, and — it lets you send a photo even faster than today’s hottest photo chat app.

JBolo keeps your chats alive and stores incoming data even when you are browsing the website. Keep browsing the site and JBolo will deliver chats to whichever page you are on.

Choose to use the inbuilt Gmail or Facebook styled chat themes or even build your own custom one !

The point is to make sharing a photo or video as fast as physically possible.

And I can’t imagine how anyone could make doing so any faster — without scanning your brain waves, at least.

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That last part is important: Snapchat made sending photos so fast that with a fraction of its user base, the app saw more photos shared per day than Facebook, and Taptalk is bound to take photo-sharing a step further.

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