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In 1947 another orchestra was created in Nova Scotia through the efforts of Walter Kaufmann and Alfred Strombergs as well as Mariss Vetra and Dr. Backed by the Nova Scotia Opera Association, the orchestra primarily served as accompaniment for opera and ballet performances.

Formally named the Halifax Sinfoniette in 1951, the group of 13 professional musicians was led by Strombergs until 1955.

Chebucto Head forms the most easterly point on the peninsula and is used to define the southwestern limit of Halifax Harbour; historically known to the Mi’kmaq Nation as “Jipugtug”, (anglicised as “Chebucto”) meaning “the biggest harbour”, or simply, “the big harbour”.

The first lighthouse at Chebucto Head was built in 1872 with a steam foghorn just below it. This tower was demolished in 1940 and a new lighthouse and combined keeper’s dwelling was built several hundred metres to the north to make way for a gun battery.

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This orchestra, led by conductor Max Weil, reached a membership of 39 musicians and performed four to five concerts each season.

The orchestra disbanded in 1908 with Weil’s departure.

In 1955 the Sinfoniette became the second incarnation of the Halifax Symphony Orchestra.

The orchestra began under music director Thomas Mayer with 17 full-time musicians (often augmented by members from the Royal Canadian Artillery Band and the Stadacona Navy Band).

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